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TCY Cookies & More

With the very first bite of our cookies, you will be hooked! We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to carefully craft the perfect cookie 

for you to enjoy.


 Our unique list of flavors feature locally sourced and in-season produce. We also have a rotating list of delicious seasonal flavors, in addition to our year-round favorites.

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The Taste of Homemade


Choosing a cookie or cake shouldn't be a half-hearted effort to fill a need or a desire, but to experience or share in the creativity and passion of not simply a baker but a creator. 

What makes TCY different? Beyond research and testing, Lori is not afraid to play, yes, PLAY! The basic cookie recipe is a massive canvas; one where you can add and subtract with varying ingredients and amounts. 

Each cookie creation is tested amongst strangers in the community to achieve a non-bais assessment of taste, texture, and uniqueness. Elevating the standard cookie from one that everyone knows to that of those that no one has ever tasted.



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