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Just A Bite or Two About Me

TCY Cookies and More was founded by me, Lori LeNoir White, as a pursuit to share a long-held passion for creating and revamping traditional cookie (baked goods) recipes with those individuals and businesses looking for something beyond the ordinary.

My passion for being creative in the kitchen started long before the popularity of cooking shows and celebrity chefs. With a talented family full of 'make it work' attitude eating out was rare.  As I grew into a working adult living on my own, money was often tight, so I relied on what I learned, which was being creative in the kitchen wasn't about being trendy, it was simply about being able to eat.

Many years have gone by since the need for the basic in the way of nutrition, and over the years I have focused on learning the science of why. Why does a particular pairing do well while others don't? And many 'what would happen if' moments. 

Don't worry, I'm not saying that I reinvented the cookie. Just improving on what's already available with some unique twists of my own.

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